This morning, during a 9/11 memorial service, Hillary Clinton is reported as “fainting” and being moved out of the area by her handlers, according to a law enforcement officer present at the scene.  Meanwhile, the press at the event were roped off and not allowed to ask questions to or concerning the presidential candidate.  According to her staff, she suffered from “overheating,” although some sources present at the event stated that she arrived seeming “pale.”  Furthermore, the temperature was documented as “82 degrees and breezy,” not exactly the kind of conditions to warrant such an episode.  Here’s why this is important.

First and foremost, this event may validate the questions being already asked about Hillary’s health.  For the past month, reporters from InfoWars, Breitbart, and Daily Wire have all been pointing out episodes in which Hillary exhibits multiple symptoms that indicate she is unwell.  A was to be expected, most of the mainstream media and our friends on the Left laughed off these questions as the ramblings of “Conspiracy Theorists.”  However, Hillary’s most recent episode may be significant enough that it serves as a turning point in the debate.

Trump has been constantly criticizing Hillary’s health, claiming that she doesn’t have the “stamina” to lead the Free World.  In this instance, Trump has a point.  The job of the POTUS is one of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs, if not the most, in the country.  Everyone’s seen the before and after photos of Bush, Obama, (Bill) Clinton, and many other Presidents.  Before they take office, they appear robust and healthy.  Afterwards, they can only be described as weary.  Even a president as ineffective as Obama suffered!  Now imagine if he, or any other president, was suffering from a severe chronic illness during their time in office.  The effects and responsibilities of the job combined with the already weakened disposition of the prospective candidate could prove to have serious negative consequences for the country.

Hillary’s compulsive lying also doesn’t help her current situation.  She’s proven time and time again that she can’t be trusted to simply tell the truth, whether it be about her time as a student at Harvard (Which she never was, despite her claims), the infamous Benghazi incident, or the even more infamous e-mail scandal.  Granted, she’s a gifted liar, considering her current position, and most of her fans will believe whatever she feels like telling them that day.  Therefore, when she says that the questions directed at her health are unsubstantiated, we have to take it with a grain of salt.

So let’s recap.  Hillary has been exhibiting symptoms of illness for the past several years.  A few individuals asked if she was ill.  Hillary said no.  Hillary continued to exhibit symptoms of illness.  Hillary is asked again.  Hillary, along with her minions in the media, call any and everyone who question her conspiracy theorists.  Hillary faints during 9/11 memorial service.  She claims it was because she was overheated, although it was a relatively cool morning.  Clinton’s thralls in the media regurgitate the story.  No one believes it.  End of recap.  Does this writer think that Hillary’s hiding something about her health?  Of course I don’t.  To think any such thing about our potential president could be dangerous to my health.

Update: It has been revealed that Hillary had been diagnosed with pneumonia three days prior to the incident.  No one was informed of the diagnosis aside from Clinton and her staff (Hiding information from the public is their specialty).  Instead, the candidate decided to brave the mild weather and light humidity in her already weakened state.  What a trooper.