Recently there was an incident at my high school alma mater, Father Ryan High School. A parent of one of the students at the high school wanted to exempt her son from the required sexual education section of the theology course required at Father Ryan High School. Her reasoning being she wanted to be the one to teach her child her point of view on the mechanics of sex. I have a few problems with this. Firstly, knowledge of sexuality does nothing but improve the chance that your child is going to understand its purpose, benefits/risks, and outcomes. By paying for your child to go to a private institution, namely a Catholic Institution you are agreeing to their terms and conditions. Wanting your child to learn about sexuality from you is not a problem and it is an understandable request, however that is not the issue here. The issue is trying to change the way a private institution functions to shelter your child from education. It is not difficult to teach your child at home, what you believe in, and let them observe how that is different from what they are being told from the rest of the world. In fact, it is crucial you let your child learn from the rest of the world, and take what they hear with a grain of salt. You cannot grow, adapt, learn, and form values and beliefs of your own if you cannot first know what you believe in, and what you disagree with.¬†Secondly, knowledge is crucial to your child’s future success. Like it or not your child is starting to enter the real world, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with lending a nurturing hand along the way as a parent. My parents did so, as well as many of my friends parents. What you cannot do is stop the world from speaking its mind. If it’s not at school, it will be elsewhere.


All religious, and private institution topics aside, there is one thing that everyone should take from this. We are going to school to be educated. Most of us will pay for that education at some point in our lives; whether it be at a private elementary, high school, or most commonly at the college level. There is no school in the entire world that will be able to match anyone of our individual beliefs so quit looking for it. You will always have disagreement and there will always be conflicting ideas, but that doesn’t mean you have to believe everything that you are taught. In fact, most educators encourage you to question what you are being taught, to do your own critical thinking, and find out what you believe on your own. The problem today is that no one wants to learn things that clash with what they think they believe when learning is the only way to know what you believe. My advice to you is, instead of rejecting knowledge and reasoning that you may not agree with, you should learn as much as you can and try to disprove what you don’t agree with. If you cannot do this, maybe you should reconsider what you believe. Our generation specifically needs to quit acting like the world is out to steal, confuse, offend, and brain-wash us. It’s time to do your own thinking and figure out what you believe.

Start Studying!




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