Two weeks ago, most major polls had Trump at an all time low behind Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton.  The real estate tycoon was down by nearly 8 points in the weeks following the disastrous DNC, yet now his ratings have improved steadily so that he’s only down by an average of 4 points nationally.  A few polls, such as the LA Times, even show Trump as having a 3 point lead.  The question is: Why?  What’s changed in the past few weeks?  There are a couple of answers, actually.

The first and foremost answer is that Trump is showing a little more discipline and restraint in the generals than he was in the primaries.  AWOL Primary Trump was vicious, going after the families of his GOP rivals and hurling insults at various media outlets and journalists.  However, this campaign strategy only took him so far.  His overall favor-ability ratings never actually broke 41 percent in this time period.  When he did capture the Primary, he continued his antics in the General.  This time, though, they only seemed to hurt him.  His numbers dropped while Clinton’s grew considerably.  Yet now he’s managed to close this impossible gap because he’s handed the reigns to his staff.  Instead of emotionally charged speeches and impetuous behavior, he’s instead managed to keep a relatively restrained stance.

An example of this shows up in Trump’s recent trip to Mexico.  Shockingly, he was able to behave and function as an actual candidate for Commander-in-Chief.  He was polite, friendly, and direct without rubbing off as snobby and bombastic.  A week later, in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump gave another speech concerning his general plan for immigration.  He remained vague and tugged a few heartstrings with his “Angel Moms,” but never crossed the line into the danger zone.  Here’s something that these two largely successful speeches have in common: They were not written by Trumpleton.  Rather, they were written by his staff.  And what a job they did.

Trump has made a point to surround himself with allies that would be supported by the Constitutional Right.  This is a good strategy, plain and simple.  By surrounding himself with brilliant people, Trump himself is able to reflect a little bit of their brilliance, and in the process work towards earning a few voters that might otherwise have abstained or even voted for Hillary.

Another key point to understand is that Hillary is performing very poorly in the Gernerals.  This is a combination of things, really.  The first and foremost is her inability to speak to the public.  This week she held a press conference that was her first in nearly 300 days.  That’s a lot of time behind closed doors, don’t you think?  As in any relationship, rather it be between to people or two million, the most important factor is communication.  She’s not communicating with her voters.

Another thing holding back the Clinton Campaign are the floating rumors of her corruption and illness.  Okay, so the corruption isn’t so much a rumor as it is confirmed, factual information, but the illness is a bit more interesting.  Alex Jones and his pals at has sort of headed this assault against the candidate’s physical capacity to hold office.  This is a pretty legitimate concern amongst voters, as the numbers show.  What’s more is Hillary’s lack of ability to hand over documentation concerning her health.  Instead, she goes out of her way to try and silence anyone who questions her.  This brings me to a quote from Tyrion Lannister, or for you non-Game of Thrones fans, George R.R. Martin.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

A rather accurate observation, in my humble opinion.  Hillary’s lying, secretive, nature has done nothing but hurt her chances of becoming POTUS.  Meanwhile, Trump’s newfound self-control is proving to do nothing but help his numbers.  Unsurprisingly, straight-forwardness and policy discussion in the place of name-calling and secrecy is the way to reach the heart of the American voter.