Recently the cost of EpiPens has seen a steep and sudden increase, prices driving up by nearly 400% in the past few years.  The Left has been jumping over this, using the example set by Epipen to condemn free market capitalism as a whole.  Like most of the Left’s assertions, these claims are totally unsubstantiated and false.  If anything, the increase in the cost of EpiPens are directly related to Leftist polices, such as Obamacare.  Allow me to elaborate.

Insurance is key in determining the cost of EpiPens, at least as far as the end consumer is concerned.  In the past, Mylan has dealt with employers and insurers when determining price.  This means that insured Americans didn’t see the real cost of their EpiPens due to their coverage.  However, with the institution of the Affordable Care Act, people who purchase EpiPens are forced to do so out-of-pocket, or else pay an increased premium for the insurance.  After handing out over 700,000 absolutely free EpiPens to public schools, the CEO of Mylan is recorded stating: “We recognize the significant burden on patients from continued, rising insurance premiums and being forced to pay the full list price for medicines at the pharmacy counter.”  Insert Thanks Obama meme here.

Secondly, the FDA has so heavily regulated the epinephrine market that there has been no room for competitive growth.  If only you could imagine my shock at hearing this news.  It just so happens there is absolutely no patent on epinephrine, so it’s not Mylan’s fault that the government is limiting the room for economic growth.  Any freshman that’s taken an econ course would know that without inter-specific competition, there’s no reason for the leading brand to suddenly drop their prices.  That’s called a monopoly, friends.  The best part: This particular monopoly is created and maintained by the government.  Their regulations are so broken that they’ve created the very thing that most lefty’s would say they are against: Big Corporate Control.

Meanwhile, Hillary  is suggesting Government issued Price Control  to solve the problem, although by doing so she is only threatening to destroy the market entirely.  This might be because she is an evil, tyrannical, sociopath, or it may be because she is so stupid and short-sighted she can’t see past her own nose.  Whatever the case, the availability of EpiPens is about to reach an all-time low, thanks to our friends on the Left.  Turns out that Mylan doesn’t hate little children with allergies, but instead are struggling under the limits placed upon them by Obamacare just like the rest of us.  But as any Art History major will happily inform you: ” y’know, corporate greed, amirite?”