Recently, the NFL San Fransisco 49ers  quarterback refused to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers because, he said, “There are bodies in the street.”

Here is a confession that may surprise you: Kaepernick is right for two reasons when put in context. If you will stick with me, I’ll prove it.

1. He has every right not to stand 

2. He is simply acting towards something he thinks he believes 

The flaw the Conservative Right is having with this situation is that:

1. They are boiling down their argument against him to how much money Kaepernick makes (which is about 19,000,000 a year aka extremely oppressed).

2. They are trying to shame him for not standing because of all of the patriots that have died in service for this country and the principles America stands for.

I agree with the mainstream conservative arguments fully. But there is a problem.

They are assuming that he is doing this from an individual outlook and that the Left even cares about patriotism. 

Collin Kaepernick is the poster child for what the Progressive Left has been trying to create in this country for a century. He is following the ideology that America is fundamentally flawed and is one of the reasons for tyranny and oppression in the world. He is selling out for them. They are not proud of their country.

Progressives teach through the education system in America from a very young age that we should be ashamed of our country and should reject America when it does not live up to their utopian ideals. They have finally arrived at their goal. They have fundamentally transformed this country to where to many would say the majority of people believe Kaepernick to be right.

This soon-to-be non athlete, is just doing what the modern progressives want him to do. Their philosophy is to pick, kick, and scream at anything that does not support their power-hungry agenda. They believe that because America has some scars from the mistakes of its past or present, that America is fundamentally bad. So according to his ideology, he is right. However, I strongly disagree with him and how Conservatives are battling this issue.

The Conservative Right should be taking the fight to the idea of America. The difference between us and progressives is wider than the day is long. Conservatives believe that America is fundamentally good and a power for freedom and equality when anchored in her roots. We believe that America has brought so much good in her lifetime that overwhelmingly overshadows the bad. In the 250 years America has been around, there has been more innovation and progress than the world has ever seen. Some might call this coincidence, I would call it fate.

We have liberated more people, accomplished more, traveled further, pioneered rights for all people, and experimented with the idea that man can rule himself in ways that no other country could even hold a light to us. Take slavery for an example. Slavery was an atrocious part of our history, but we fought a war where hundreds of thousands of American lives (black and white) died fighting to end it.

So, to Collin Kaepernick: go ahead, don’t stand. You’re going to get cut anyway, and because of the many Americans that have died and devoted their lives in service to their country, you have the right to honor them by sitting bench. You and progressives are the problem with this country.