In the year 2008,  I was in sixth grade and for the first time in U.S. history there was a strong possibility we would have our first African American president. At that age, the extent of my political knowledge reached from the left side of the headline on (insert preferred news channel’s name) to the right side. That year I started to become more involved in the wondrous world of politics. For the first time, I went with my mother to vote, and boy was I in for a treat that day. I was then observant enough to realize that living in Ohio during an election year was the equivalent to living in a mall on Black Friday. Ohio, being one of the most important battleground states in every election, was an incredibly vicious place to be in November. I can still recall meeting acquaintances  from our small hometown Delaware, Ohio. My mother, being an incredibly faith filled lady, was wearing her crucifix that day around her neck. The local barber had noticed my mothers necklace and began running his mouth about why Church and State are separate and anyone allowing their religious beliefs to influence their vote is a fool.

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After an unforgettable day of voting in the lovely atmosphere of THE battleground state of every election, I began to form an opinion on what the barber had said to my mother. The true separation of Church and State will never exist. Every human being holds a belief about the existence or non-existence of God, gods, or whatever higher power you wish to refer to. The very belief and mindset of this defines a certain essence of your personality, your perspective, and your decision making. Now the correlation to politics. One may argue that just because a potential leader or candidate has specific beliefs that doesn’t mean that they have to let those beliefs influence their political careers. While this could potentially be true, it has been proven thus far that we should not hold our breath for this. When receiving an honorary law degree at the University of Notre Dame, President Barack Obama made the call to cover the cross the University already had hanging. Furthermore he continuously strives, until the end of his term, to impose an “All inclusive” form of health care, that contradicts the beliefs of many Christian medical institutions. Regardless of your political stance, consider these things, and understand that your vote goes beyond the bullet points a candidate puts on a piece of paper. It is impossible in this day and society to entirely separate your religious views, or lack-there-of, from politics SO DON’T. Vote for the entirety of a person to lead this country, because that’s what you are going to get. Use your incredible gift of a moral compass to influence your vote. The influence of Church on State, and vice versa should be minimal but they are not, and will never be two unrelated entities so treat them as such. Vote for what you believe in this November.

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