1. UT Pride

No one understands the amount of pride you feel for the University of Tennessee on game days except for UT students, even when we lose 4 games in a row. Our pride and love for UT NEVER fades

2. What is parking?

Although parking is getting a little better with a new 1,000 spot parking garage opening, it’s still pretty impossible to find parking. So you best bet we get to class an hour early just to find parking, and have a constant tab running for parking tickets.


3. The Rock

Our own personal message board, although it’s most often painted over every day, there’s an occasional mural, especially on game day.

4. Construction… Lol

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have a lot of it. Even though it’s quite annoying most of the time, we are used to it. The random traffic stop on Cumberland, a street shut down here and there or being woken up at 3 am when there’s construction behind your dorm, we have it all. But this only means that our gorgeous campus is growing and becoming more advanced, and one day, maybe by the time our kids attend UT, the construction will be finished 😅


5. Mabel’s

Not all UT Students are blessed enough to know about this heavenly diner. Mabel’s is a secret place on the Ag campus with good ol southern cookin’. If you are lucky enough to find this glorious place, then keep it quiet and go every day.

6. Every word to Rocky Top

Rocky Top, you’ll always be, home sweet home to me! Good ole’ Rocky Top! Woo! Rocky Top Tennessee! Our unofficial fight song, if you don’t know all the words we know you are not a UT student and I suggest you back away slowly.


7. How good Gus’s taste at 2 AM

This greasy menu taste’s way better at 2 am after a long night, and happens to be Peyton Manning’s favorite restaurant. And if you can’t leave your dorm, apartment, or library, they deliver! 🙌🏽

8. What restaurants deliver to the library past midnight:

Those long nights in the library are rough, but praise the Lord for Gus’s, Jimmy Johns, House of Dragon and Domino’s ❤


9. The Hill

DAT WALK THO. This is where all of the hardest classes are located, so good luck if you have classes up the hill, but more importantly, good luck on your treck to neverland.

10. The T

The T is our bus system. Occasionally the buses run on time, but if you just barely miss it or catch it at the wrong time, you could be waiting a solid 20 minutes. BUT luckily we have the Rider app that will locate every bus on campus.