1. Use the buses

In high school, riding the bus was a death sentence. But now, they are heaven. They will take you wherever you need to go in a pretty reasonable time! Now, I suggest walking most of the time, because hey, nobody wants the freshman 15, but the buses will save you from the rain and snow!


2. Ask questions

Upperclassman wont be butt heads to you when you’re lost. We are probably just as lost as you are.


3. Blue lights!

Now, in most situations seeing blue lights is a bad thing, but when you see blue lights at the top of a pole on campus it’s the best! These blue lights are emergency poles that have a help and call button on it! These lights are placed everywhere on campus and when you find yourself in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, these poles will be here to save the day! It will send a police officer to you immediately.


4. Talk to your professors!

Most professors truly want to know your name! But if you are in a class of 200 students, he/she is not going to learn them him/herself so go up and talk to him/her! If you just introduce yourself, ask questions, and answer questions during class, your professor will know your name and build a relationship with you! This also means that he/she is more then likely to bump up your grade a bit.


5. Your roommate is not going to be your bff.

Now, I will say you will have the occasional roommate that is the perfect match, but for the most part your roommate will be the person that you have a love/hate relationship. You will love them for not killing you and not being crazy, but you will hate them for the things that they do differently than you. Let’s be real, we all have our own way of doing things and when you bring another person in to the only space that is yours, it is a little tough to get used too.


6. Don’t think you can put the same amount of effort that you did in high school because you will fail.

College classes are a lot harder then the ones you had in high school. You will HAVE to study and not just the night before. You have to begin studying a week in advance. You also will have to take notes, LOTS OF NOTES, and rewrite them. Although you may have less homework than you did in high school, you could have a 10 page paper due in one class, an online assignment in another, a lab report in a different class and 3 tests all at one time, your life will become busier than you imagined.


7. Don’t dress up for class.

If you are over here wearing a full face of makeup, with lipstick and your hair curled, we are going to know you are a freshman. A t-shirt and running shorts are just fine.


8. Don’t wear your orientation lanyard.

This honestly doesn’t even need an explanation. JUST DON’T.


9. It’s not like the movies.

It is not a huge party while you move in and there are not shirtless guys and topless girls everywhere. You do not share a shower and bathroom with the opposite sex. You can’t skip class all the time and pass.


10. You are beginning your best 4 years of your life.

You are entering this new chapter into your life. It may be a little scary, but also so much fun. College is your first taste of almost complete freedom, so enjoy it and make every moment count.