5. Herbstreit has made an illustrious career for himself as an analyst, which is more than I can say about his quarterbacking career at Ohio State. His only year of being a starter, he tied Michigan and lost the Citrus Bowl to Georgia. Most hate him for his “pretty boy” facade and his obvious homer bias toward Ohio State.

4. Coach Corso, as he is affectionately called on ESPN’s College Gameday, has become more like a piece of antique furniture than a useful analyst on the famous pre-game show. Fun to look at and certainly a conversation piece, but lacking in functionality and usefulness.

3. Jesse Palmer, a relatively new addition to ESPN’s team of analysts compared to others on this list, makes in on at number 3 mostly due to his “snake oil salesman” look and attitude. I always knew there was something off about the guy, he reminds me of the guy at the bar who tries to steal your girlfriend.

Doak Walker Award Football
2. Uncle Verne! I know you Tennessee fans were waiting to see how long it would take to get to him on this list. From his intolerable and hysterical laughter on live broadcasts to his countless errors (including calling Butch Jones “Butch Davis” for the umpteenth time) it is no surprise that Verne is high on this list.

1. Definitely the most hated analyst in College Football is Lou Holtz. Sadly, I like the guy. Always providing interesting perspective and witty commentary, he was one of my favorites. However, he let that speech impediment get the best of him one too many times.