“Social Justice” has become a recurring phrase in our modern society.  It sounds good, making it an easy force to rally behind.  The funny thing is, most conservatives don’t support “Social Justice.” But before we go any further, let’s establish our parameters.

There are two separate forms of this phrase.  There is true social justice, a term typically associate with equal rights under the law for all races and genders, and than there’s “Social Justice,” which is the guise the Left hides behind whenever they feel like empowering policy, policies which typically tend to limit our rights rather than expanding them.

Of course conservatives are all for equal rights, but by using the buzz word “Social Justice” to describe a proposed policy or action makes the Right look bad for opposing it.  This whole little preamble on definitions is crucial to understanding the point behind why the following article is complete and total farce.


Did you read it?  What did ya think?  I know on my first time through I couldn’t help but be a little saddened.  These are people who claim to be Christians, that their moral and philosophical beliefs line up with Christ’s, yet somehow they actively support the domestic terrorist organization known as “Black Lives Matter.”

Before we go any further, let’s go back to our definitions of “social justice” and apply them to the phrase “black lives matter.”  Of course the lives of black people matter.  No argument there.  However, the deceptively progressive “Black Lives Matter” movement is one that is soaked in greed, selfishness, hatred, and racism.  However, the Left has turned the BLM phrase into a buzzword, the same way the did with Social Justice.

You’ll notice that most of the article is just a biblical justification on how not to be racist because Jesus wasn’t racist.  Whatever, fine.  But the author tacks a little notice on the end of the article, a little something to remind you how racist, sexist, and xenophobic you are.

“By acknowledging and actively participating in the #blacklivesmatter movement, addressing racism, immigration, gender equality, and a litany of other issues, you are following in the steps of Jesus.”

Notice that the author fails to actually give you a solution for any of the supposed “issues” he mentions other than to “address” them.  This is important.  His lack of an actual solution is key to understanding how the mind of a progressive leftist works.  They don’t want solutions; they want to complain about how oppressed they are.  Unless they’re white men, in which case they want to complain how oppressive their kind is.

That’s the recurring issue with the imbeciles like the author of this fundamentally broken article.  Their is no problem for them to actually address.  Institutional Racism doesn’t exist.  The Patriarchy doesn’t exist.  Yet they want to shout and complain about these supposed “issues” all the same.  People will read their articles and feel good for recognizing that racism is bad (Unless it’s black on white racism, that is).

So here’s the deal: If you’re a Christian, then you understand that in order to follow Christ you must exhibit His behaviors.  This means you support social justice, not “Social Justice.”  You believe that all life is precious to God, even though he recognizes the differences in our cultures and race.  This doesn’t mean you have to support the racists behind BLM.  You don’t have to be pro-illegal immigration.  You can love without being told to actively support whatever movement is currently progressive and trendy.  I’d like to close with that thought, and hope that you end up in the position of our lefty friend here, the position that sacrifices intellect and morality for social acceptance.