This Convention is just like every other time the Republican Party has a chance to shine: we somehow mess it up by backing the wrong candidate, waiting too long to act, or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. From ignoring parliamentary procedure or even plagiarizing another First Lady’s speech, the Republican Party is following their precedent and maintaining to lose another easy election. In fact to me, it is unfathomable how Trump’s campaign can allow things like Mrs. Trump’s speech to transpire, as we are playing Presidential politics and not trying to elect someone to the Student Government Association. The only way I can think to put is, “How can you be so gosh-darn stupid!”, but I’m not sure that, that quite does it justice.

So then I truly started considering the question, “How could you be so stupid in a Presidential election, even with the countless Trump staffers who are paid to catch things like this?” …And then it hit me: what if we are playing Presidential politics, just this time it’s with more of a Frank Underwood twist? Is it possible that the RNC and the Trump Campaign are playing the American people, by capturing the news cycle to show off some of Trump’s more-positive qualities?  giphy

As I’ve already mentioned, these speakers work with tried-and-true professionals who have earned their spot to write a national, prime-time speech– it’s not a kid from the University of Alabama. Thus these speechwriters must’ve performed well in the past, otherwise they would not have been granted this incredible, career-affecting opportunity. Moreover, once they have written the speech, surely several well-paid staffers read through it, looking for any flaws or hints of plagiarism– after all, a flaw in a speech or even lighting, suggests a flaw in the candidate. Thus, I find it hard to believe that this infamous paragraph slipped through, unnoticed, by any of Mr. Trump’s staffers, and I instead find it more likely that they intentionally kept the section to highlight some of Mr. Trump’s more-favorable characteristics.Capture

Throughout the Republican National Convention, the RNC had been making a push to portray Mr. Trump as a more human and family oriented person, as opposed to the cold, hard businessman that he branded himself as during the primaries. For this reason, the RNC has scheduled most of his family to speak about Mr. Trump when thousands are watching; however, these speeches are typically boring and the press hardly discusses them– that’s not the way to control your candidate’s image. So what if instead someone were to devise a plan to captivate the media and their news cycles– a plan that involves manufacturing a mild scandal with a compelling cover-up story, that manipulates the media into eventually showcasing your candidate’s positive attributes– humanity, in this case?

Back before Mr. “Make America Great Again” was a political candidate, he was associated with a different phrase: “you’re fired.” This brand depicted the business tycoon as cold, fierce, and unmerciful when employees made mistakes, even if they were small and innocent. However on July 20th, 2016, when the Trump staffer claimed that she was responsible for Mrs. Trump’s plagiarism, Mr. Trump stated that people make “innocent mistakes” and decided not to accept the staffer’s resignation–a significant contrast to the pre-nominee Trump. In fact, it almost makes him seem human and friendly, like the type of guy you’d like to grab a beer with…

Overall, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out and what the campaign continues to do in regards to Monday night’s speech. Perhaps they will just let it die off and try to pivot elsewhere, or perhaps they will shock us again. Until then, why don’t we all take a step away from politics and go play some Pokémon Go! I still need to find a Pikachu…6dc13db0-3023-0134-0cae-0a0b9a139ea7