Donald Trump has been raising eye brows since he announced his plans to join the race, and run for president of the United States in June of 2015. After running, what most would consider a “questionable” campaign, Trump has astoundingly made through the primaries and is now representing the GOP in the 2016 presidential race. All shocking facial expressions and jokes aside, the day has come where the GOP has to get behind a candidate to represent them in the presidential election, and when a candidate wins the primaries as convincingly as Mr. Donald J. Trump did, what can be done? While his ethics are questionable, his stances are bold, and his comments displayed in the media have been brash, the fact of the matter is he was elected by the people. The leaders of the GOP have faced the challenge of gathering authentic support from the party to legitimize Donald Trump’s campaign, and his loyalty to the standards of the party. Queue governor Mike Pence! This past Friday, July 15th at 11:00 a.m. Trump chose Mike Pence to be his Vice Presidential candidate for the upcoming battle with, as Donald would say, “Crooked Hillary”. Why Pence, and how does this affect the Trump campaign? Pence being, in his own words, “A christian, a conservative, and a Republican” has brought a new dynamic to the Trump campaign. Donald Trump has been running a campaign that can be compared to no other, and while he is seen as a member of the GOP his stances on all issues cannot be classified into a single party’s values and ideas. Bringing Mike Pence into the picture could have been one of the smartest things Mr. Donald Trump has done yet, and here is why. After being considered racist, unethical, and untrustworthy Donald Trump needed an anchor in his campaign to draw in enough votes to knock “Crooked Hillary” off of her pedestal. Mike Pence has consistently voted conservative and supported the ideals of the GOP for the vast majority of his career. With Pence having the record, the christian values, and the ideals of a “family man” he has completely changed the face of this campaign. The concerns with Trump’s stance on foreign policy and immigration have not been wiped from the parties memories, however some voters will certainly be giving the new ticket of Trump-Pence a second look come this November. We are in for a fascinating, and possibly historical race ladies and gentlemen.