With the British Open starting today, it seemed like the right time for a first post. So to start off , to say a little about myself: I am currently a sophomore at Tennessee, my major is marketing through business, and as a competitive golfer, I closely monitor the game and  report on it.

Why Golf?

As a competitive golfer I follow the game of golf very fondly. As a millennial following the game you start to see the perspective of how the game is changing. Look at Brooks Koepka, in an interview he said the he doesn’t even consider himself a golfer, but just an athlete. Look at Dustin Johnson, there are wide receivers the same size as him, he drives the ball a mile and at the U.S. Open, he was able to hit the ball so far that the danger wasn’t even something he had to look at. So it is obvious how strongly the game is changing because of golf like this. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but I’m also not saying its good for the game. I have yet to submit a true opinion on it, but the change should be recognized and covered so I went to Nick when he started the show and I asked him if I could have a section where I talked about golf and subjects around it and he loved the idea.

The Open Predictions

To start off I want to get it out there and say that my favorite pro golfers are Jason Dufner and Smylie Kaufman, so when I have a prediction with either of them and they win, I want it on record that they’re my golfers. For this tournament however, its not in the cards. This week they are playing at Royal Troon, a monster of a golf course and the Duf doesn’t have the strength to get through it and Smylie doesn’t have huge experience so if he pulled off something it would be solely off of talent. The golfer that I think are actually in the running that I like are Justin Thomas, because its about time for his breakthrough, Rickie Fowler, because he somehow seems to hang around the top usually across the pond and its time for time to get a major under his belt, and lastly as a favorite is gonna be Rory Mcilory.he is a fierce player taking part in the game’s revolution, he’s already won the Irish Open this year on a similar course and I think he’s ready to have some of the spotlight back on him from him moving to the number 3 golfer in the world. My darkhorse for the tournament is gonna be Jordan Speith. What? The number 2 golfer is the dark horse? To be fair, I really like Jordan, but this has year has not gone the way he had hoped. If he does win this year it will be out of vengeance following his crushing loss last year to Zach Johnson. Jordan will no doubt be very young when he gets his first career grand slam, but his game isn’t at the point to win the Open, so if he does it will be because he played with the goal to bring himself back from last year and he wants revenge with the tournament. Other notables: Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, and I’ll call now that Bubba Watson misses the cut.