I can’t decide what’s more horrifying: Donald Trump, or being on the receiving-end shoulder-rub from the Vice-President. At least the young lady will be limber enough to fight off any of Old Joe’s further advances, but all that Trump provides are dank internet memes and a self-confidence boost on our bad hair days– which is fine, and all– I could always use a good laugh– I just wish it wasn’t at my party’s expense. Now Donald Trump is well-known and often lauded for his audacity and “political incorrectness”; however, his loose mouth and a complete lack of respect for others is subjugating his campaign and–more importantly the Republican Party– to serious harm by tainting it with intolerance.


In fact, his most recent comments, such as the Pulse Nightclub shooting and praising Saddam Hussein for executing suspected terrorists without any due process, are completely unacceptable for any serious Presidential contender. Moreover, all Republicans should summarily dismiss them, because we are not that party; we are not that Nation– we are a nation that protects the accused with laws and procedures, but strictly punish those convicted. However when Mr. Trump asserts comments of this nature, he belittles these laws–and thus our Constitution and those who have fought defending them. It is time the Republican Party awakes from our recent stupidity and looks for an alternative that will save us from our self-dug hole– a hole that if we keep digging will cost us the House and Senate too.


This was our election to win; who could possibly be easier to beat than Hillary Clinton–a failed Secretary of State and a candidate whose unfavorables are as high as Snoop Dogg on Doggystyle. Yet somehow, we pulled a typical Republican move and veered off the Yellow Brick Road leading to the White House. I can tell you, Dorothy, the Tin man with small hands is not worth it! Therefore to close, I would ask you to not support Donald Trump– deny his remarks by rejecting his comments and casting your ballot elsewhere this November– and instead support the Libertarian candidate: Gary Johnson.