If you live in America, you’re probably not oppressed.  Not by the government, not by society, and not by the “patriarchy.”  In fact, I’m willing to wager that most of the people you know are about as free as you, unless they’ve committed some sort of felony.  Unfortunately there are groups of people who insist the the United States has a rape culture and an institution that is designed to oppress women and minorities.  If you don’t fall into either of these categories, then you are a benefactor of the mythical “Privilege.”  The people who call you privileged usually do so as a means to take away your voice on issues you disagree with them on.  Who are these people?  These people who would actively work against this country’s principles of free speech, the free marketplace of ideas?  They go by many different names.  Social Justice Warriors, Black Lives Matter, and, perhaps the most dangerous breed of them all, Feminists.  Today we’re going to debunk a few myths the modern feminist loves to throw our way.  Warning: I do not recommend reading if you find yourself willingly near or in a “Free Speech Safe Zone.”

The Wage Gap is my favorite argument cited by feminists when they want to try to reveal the existence of the patriarchy.  The truth of the matter is there is no wage gap.  “What?  How can you say that?  It’s proven that women make 77% of what men make for working the same job?  You are such a sexist!  Patriarchy!”  Whoa, there, let’s take a few steps back before your inner keyboard warrior kicks in.  It’s time for you to revisit the definition between “Wages” and “Earnings.”  It’s true, there is an earnings gap in the United States.  But that’s fine, and here’s why:  Men work more than women.  It’s just a matter of fact.  Men spend more time on the clock than women.  This isn’t due to some sexist conspiracy in the government or in a coalition of sexist businesses, it’s just a reflection of the decisions made by women.  Some women take maternity leave, for example.  Women don’t work the same overtime as men.  They take longer holidays.  There is no conspiracy, and if someone is to claim that there is then it only reflects their ignorance of the facts.  In the words of Milo Yiannopoulos, “No serious economist take the gender pay gap seriously.”

Feminism means equality.  That’s one they love to sprout off.  Unfortunately, it simply isn’t true.  Maybe at one time Feminism meant equality, but definitions can change.  A Feminist will often quote the dictionary definition of Feminism to shame those who don’t identify as a Feminist.  However, this leads to a logical fallacy.  Allow me to explain through a dramatization of events.

Feminist: “Are you a feminist?”

Rational Human: “No.”

Feminist: “Misogyny!  Feminism means equality!”

Rational Human: “But what about the feminists who call for female superiority?”

Feminist: “Then they aren’t really feminists.”

Ah, a classic example of the “No True Scotsman” fallacy.  Simply put, the argument is made that if someone doesn’t line up with my way of thinking, then they are no longer a true member of my group.  It’s just a simple guilt tactic to make people support the feminist movement.  The true irony is just how shameless someone would have to be to shame someone into their way of thinking.

Rape Culture.  This is just sickening.  Feminists have warped the definition of rape to mean something that no longer reflects what rape actually is, similar to the way they have warped the definition of Feminism.  It’s tragic, really.  They claim the United States is a country that doesn’t care about the victims of rape, that our system is rigged by the patriarchy to support rapists.  What a joke.  Think about your friends.  Think if one of them mentioned in front of the rest that they had raped or were even okay with someone raping someone.  Guess what you would do?  Would you laugh, hi-five them, and agree?  I’m willing to bet that you wouldn’t.  But feminists love to cite individual cases where rapists got off easy and claim that there is no justice in America.  Pathetic.  Some even claim that proving someone raped them is difficult, and that the law should just take their word for it.  So much for innocent until proven guilty.  The worst part is, rape cultures do exist in our world, yet Feminists do nothing to address or combat them.  The Middle East is a prime example of a rape culture in action.  For that matter, any country that is under the guidance of The Religion of Peace tends to see more violence against women.  Maybe this has something to do with Islam’s violent oppression of women, but that’s a discussion for another time.  The fact of the matter remains the same.  The United States does not justify rape.  The actions of one judge do not reflect the state of our Justice System.

I could take apart nearly every argument supplied by the modern Feminist, but I don’t have to.  Their entire platform is based on sexism and bias.  Not the patriarchal sexism that doesn’t exist, but a very real sexism, a very real bias against men and women who don’t identify with their twisted ideology.  I’ll close with this thought:  For there to be sexism, there must also be evidence of sexism.  The person accused of sexism must prove that they are so through actions and words.  And if there is no evidence of sexism or a sexist, then perhaps it’s easier to just shout “patriarchy” when you disagree with a policy.