As I sit here and go over what is happening in the world like I do before every show, I can’t help but wonder and try to understand what is happening. How is it that so many of us as Americans can simply sit by and not do anything as our country is being fundamentally transformed?

Body parts no longer define your gender as a natural, unchanging, scientific fact, but rather as a choice belonging to the mentally ill. Radical terrorism that specifically and unapologetically preaches “death to America” is no longer a real threat, but the Christian church is. The once believed “all men are created equal” is no longer a core belief of American ideology, but somehow “white privilege” is a universally accepted fact on all college campuses. Life is no longer life, but it is a “developing mass of tissue” that has no rights even though it genetically is just as much human as you or me. Freedom of speech no longer is a right held by all, but instead, a right held by those with the correct opinion. God is no longer the all powerful being that frees man from their own transgressions, but instead, a symbol of oppression in the face of what is believed in man’s eyes to be “better.” Most importantly, even the truth no longer holds the title of the truth because it can sometimes be too politically incorrect for some thin-skinned, never worked a day in their life, mother’s basement living, mindless moron, crybabies.


What kind of meth are we on as a society? How far will this participation ribbon clad, social justice warrior transport of a country travel before being stopped by the solid, impenetrable wall of steel that is the truth? In my opinion, it stops now.

The truth is that, in the words of House of Cards character Frank Underwood, “you deserve nothing.” You don’t deserve a house, a car, a job, a spouse, money, healthcare, retirement, vacation, or anything else these politically correct pansies say should be handed to you. You and I are broken, helpless pieces of earth in need of a savior. Nothing can ever be truly achieved or gained except when given to us from the grace of Jesus Christ. If that is not understood, the rest will be as meaningless and drivel as Bruce/Caitlyn confused Jenner latest cry for attention.


However, once that is understood, the rest gets a lot harder. America’s founders traveled to this rich and gifted land to escape execution, jail, oppression, and injustice. And I mean the real kind, not the kind that your gender studies professor that lives in his mom’s basement tells you about.

From the beginning, America has been about the idea that man can truly rule himself better than anyone in government, power, or at a university can. It has been about the PURSUIT of happiness (originally property), not the guarantee of your happiness. No one owes you anything, nor should you want them to. Everything is not given to you by the government, the rich, or your pot smoking neighbor. So please, for the sake of this country stop trying to make it so that it is. Yes, it is sometimes going to be hard, it is going to hurt, things won’t go your way, you will get knocked down, and you will come across some very crummy people, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that you have the choice to change that. You have the very thing that millions even billions of people around the world so desperately cry out for everyday…a chance! Your future can truly be whatever you make of it!

Understand that you have been given an opportunity unlike the rest of the world has ever seen. Within reason, you have the opportunity to be whomever you want, do whatever you want, say whatever you want, worship or not worship however, whatever, or whoever you want, live however you want within your own judgment! But the catch is, so does everyone else! So please, stop trying to make everyone just like you, talk like you, or agree with you. Ben Franklin said, “If it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg, what difference does it make to me?”


I end my pleading rant with this: this election, this culture, this country, this person is worth so much more than you complaining all day about being a victim. You choose to be a victim; it is a mindset. However, you can also choose to be a conqueror and use the tools that have been given to you by God and this great country. Take this seriously, because someday it might all go away and you will be wishing you would have complained about something a little more important than how someone offended you.